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Careers in Focus Ebook Collection Available Through El Portal

The New Mexico State Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ferguson’s Careers in Focus, an eBook collection provided by Gale/Cengage.   Careers in Focus is collection of 69 ebooks each of which concentrates on a particular career or group of related careers  and provides an over view of it, what education is required, what salary to expect and so on. 

“Ferguson's Careers in Focus books are a great value for libraries and career centers. Written in an easy-to-understand yet informative style, this comprehensive series surveys a wide array of commonly held jobs and is arranged into volumes organized by specific industries and interests. Each of these informative books is loaded with up-to-date career information presented in 16 to 25 job articles.

This new Career collection is ideal for high school and undergraduate students trying to decide on a career focus!

Each article includes:

·        Quick Facts: summarizes important facts

·        Overview: briefly introduces duties and responsibilities

·        History: describes the history of the job in relation to the industry or field

·        The Job: describes primary and secondary duties

·        Requirements: discusses high school and post-secondary education and training as well as any necessary certification or licensing and personal requirements for success

·        Exploring: offers suggestions on how to gain experience and knowledge in a field before making firm educational and financial commitments

·        Employers: gives an overview of typical places of employment

·        Starting Out: suggests the best ways to land a first job

·        Advancement: presents an expected career path and how to get on it

·        Earnings: lists salary ranges and typical fringe benefits

·        Work Environment: looks at the work conditions and surroundings associated with a certain job

·        Outlook: summarizes the job's potential growth or decline in terms of the general economy and industry projections

·        For More Information: lists organizations that provide career information.

Find access to Careers in Focus on the front page of El Portal.

Please contact Mark Adams ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with any questions or comments.

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