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Things the Public Should Know

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 New for Consumers
Highlighting Government Information and Services
Consumer Smarts Pay Off Big Time

You probably don’t think of yourself as a “consumer,” but thinking like one can save you big bucks, protect you from scams and keep you healthy and safe in the case of food or product recalls. To get up-to-date information on lots of important consumer issues, or to find out where to report a problem to the people who can actually do something about it, look to the Federal Citizen Information Center:

  • Know When Products are Recalled – A nationwide recall on a faulty vehicle or tainted food product doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know about it. Get timely recall notices delivered via email, check your vehicle to see if there are any preexisting recalls, or report an unsafe product to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Make TV BetterTell the FCC if you see an indecent ad or program on TV, or feel that there are excessive or inappropriate ads during children’s programming.
  • Cut Down on Sales Calls – No one likes getting a telemarketing call during dinner. Cut down on these annoying rings by putting your landline and cell phone on the National Do Not Call Registry.
  • National Consumer Protection Week – Although National Consumer Protection Week runs this year from March 7-13, its official website is filled with consumer tips you can use all year long—from fraud prevention videos to facts on credit card law changes and more.
  • Consumer Action Handbook – If you ever feel like you’re just one voiceless person against a huge company, the Consumer Action Handbook can help you file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, write letters to companies, and much more.
  • Contact Your Elected Officials – Run your opinions about current issues up the flagpole by calling or emailing your representatives on the national, state and local levels.
  • Report Travel Problems / Mishaps – Had an awful flight? Let the Department of Transportation know about it.
  • A Great Consumer Site – For 40 years, the Federal Citizen Information Center has been keeping Americans informed about consumer issues like saving money, staying healthy, avoiding scams and other important information. Get the consumer tips you need to get the most out of your money and keep your family safe from the Federal Citizen Information Center.  

The Federal Citizen Information Center connects people with government benefits, services and information through its family of websites, including,, and; by phone at 1 (800) FED-INFO (that's 1 (800) 333-4636) and with publications by mail from Pueblo, Colorado. FCIC is part of the U.S. General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services.

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