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El Palacio Magazine Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

El Palacio, the oldest museum magazine in the country, is the source of knowledge about the art, history and culture of the Southwest.

Since 2009, the New Mexico State Library has been working with the publishers of El Palacio to capture and publish every issue online by the magazine's centennial anniversary.  The first issue was published in November of 1913, just one year after statehood on January 6, 1912.

This digital project began in 2009 by Susanne Caro, State Documents Librarian in collaboration with El Palacio staff.  There were several bumps along the way and when Susan Caro left the State Library, Monica Villaire-Garcia stepped in to continue this project.  She was able to accomplish the first phase of the joint agreement by making the first 10 years available online by the state centennial on January 6, 2012.  At that point it was unclear if the project would continue with the goal of digitizing the rest of the issues by the centennial issue in 2013.

It was then that museum resources was able to provide funding to digitize issues from 1967 through 2006, as well as contract a staff member to continue the project and fulfill the agreed upon deadline.  Denise Dixson was contracted in November of 2012 and she and Monica worked diligently for an entire year to publish every issue online and finalize the project.

The most current issue of El Palacio will continue to be made available online as it is published and provided to the State Library.

You can view El Palacio magazine online here:

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