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Library Legislation

52nd Legislature – First Session (January – March 2015)NM State Capitol
The Memorial requests that the New Mexico State Library support a needs assessment of New Mexico Libraries and to support and assist with a statewide conference to identify policies and goals for improved library services. 
The Memorial was introduced to the House by Rep. Deborah A. Armstrong and to the Senate by Sen. Michael S. Sanchez. 
The Memorial has been signed in the House and passed in the Senate. 
The Memorial requests that the Indian Affairs Department work with tribal leaders and the tribal infrastructure board to dedicate one year of tribal infrastructure project fund money to assess and address the most critical needs for construction and renovation of tribal library facilities. 
The Memorial was introduced to the House by Rep. James Roger Madalena.
The Memorial has been signed in the House. 
Budget Requests
On behalf of the State Library, the Department of Cultural affairs made a capital appropriation request of $855,000 to fund the fabrication and acquisition of three replacement bookmobiles for the Statewide Bookmobile Program ($285,000 each).


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