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Who We Are

Basic organizational info

Contact Us

Please contact the following departmental phone numbers for information about any of our programs and services. Or you may refer to our complete staff directory:

Our address is:

New Mexico State Library
1209 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe NM, 87507-5166

General Phone Numbers (Area Code 505 unless otherwise indicated)

Main Library Circulation 476-9700
Library Administration 476-9762
Hitchiker 476-9742
Finance 476-9783
Reference 1-800-876-2203 or 476-9702
Interlibrary Loan 476-9716
Interlibrary Reference Hotline 1-800-876-2203
Southwest Collection 476-9790
State Documents Collection 476-9702
Federal Documents Collection 476-9702
Technical Services 476-9730
Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped 1-800-456-5515 or 476-9770
Books by Mail 1-800-395-9144 or 476-9780 or 476-9781
Public Library Services 1-800-340-3890 or 476-7869
Marketing & Communications 476-9742
Rural Services 476-9712
Rural Bookmobile East (575) 461-1206
Rural Bookmobile Northeast (575) 376-2474
Rural Bookmobile West 841-5250
Human Resources/Jobs 476-7759


Tips for Library Users

Ask A Librarian

Got a burning question about Zozobra? Wondering what in the world is a wikiup? Curious about Chaco Canyon? Ask a librarian! The New Mexico State Library E-mail Reference Desk responds to questions within 2 business days or less. Post your puzzles using our online form.