THIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between the New Mexico State Library Division (“State Library”) and _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

       WHEREAS it is the mission and statutory obligation of the State Library to collect and disseminate state publications through the State Publications Clearinghouse.

       WHEREAS state agencies are required to deposit thirty copies of all state publications intended for public distribution with the State Library.

       WHEREAS many state agencies are limiting the production of paper copies of their publications in order to reduce budgetary costs.

       WHEREAS the State Library desires to help state agencies reduce costs while continuing to provide access and preservation of state publications.

       THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

When providing electronic copies of their publications, ____________________________________________________________ will follow the requirements of NMAC and regarding providing access to documents created in approved formats. The State Library will be notified when new electronic documents are available by either providing the document in the approved format or sending a working link. Permission to the State Library to provide access in perpetuity is assumed with all documents provided.

According to the statutory head of the of agency will annually designate an individual to distribute the publications of this agency to the State Library and who will be responsible for complying with all terms of this memorandum of understanding.

This agreement shall become effective on the date of execution by all Parties and shall remain in effect until January 1, 2019.

Entered into this _______ day of ___________, 2015

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereby execute this MOU which represents the entire understanding of all of the parties hereto.

Michael Delello_______________________________________________ Date_____________________________________________
Interim State Librarian



Signature ___________________________________________________ Date_____________________________________________