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Librarians' Toolkit

Working with Friends Groups

Friends and board members are citizens who choose to help their local libraries. Their goals are similar, but their paths to achieve them differ.

Friends usually operate with a self-elected board of directors, representing the community. They engage in fundraising activities for the library, including book sales (ongoing and/or regularly scheduled), special events such as auctions and galas, etc. They may also work to get donations of items the library needs--such as books, summer reading incentives, and computer equipment--from local and/or state organizations and businesses. It is important that they work closely with both the library board and the library director and staff to know the needs of the library.

Handouts for more info:

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Tips for Library Users

Ask a librarian!

· Don’t become dependent on using only electronic resources. You want to find the best resource to support your research. Ask a librarian!