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Librarians' Toolkit

Library Board Essentials & Additional Resources

Library Board Essentials

  • Library boards believe in the importance of the library and in its role in the community.
  • Library boards use their influence to assist the library in obtaining desired financial support by representing the library point of view to city or county councils or commissions, the legislature and the media.
  • Library boards should be representative of the community they serve.
  • Library boards in New Mexico generally act in an advisory capacity to the city or county which establishes policies; although some boards may be the policy making agent for the library.
  • Library boards want to ensure that the library is well managed, but they should not interfere with the duties of the library director.
  • Library boards represent the library to the community and the community to the library.
  • Library boards are charged with representing the whole community to the library, not just a particular area or interest group.
  • Library boards try to ensure that the library is well maintained, financially secure, growing, and operating in the best interests of the community.

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