Magazines Online Update


Usage statistics—Magazines Online’s statewide statistics continue to increase every year. Log-ins (number of times people accessed Magazines Online) increased nearly 60% from 2008 over 2007 (2,625,099 in 2008); the number of full-text articles retrieved increased nearly 8% also from 2008 over 2007 (437,466). The State Library is interested in seeing these numbers continue to rise. Please contact us with any difficulties or problems in your Magazines Online account ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
School librarians—it’s time to check your links and make sure everything is working. If you have a secure website, you might want to think about placing an icon there for easy access. Or, if you are using password access, you might consider submitting your computers’ IPs to allow students to log-in without having to enter anything.
Giving out your link and password—If you don’t have the ability to provide remote usage to your patrons from your computer network, consider handing out forms with your link and password to patrons, students, faculty, staff, etc. for them to access Magazines Online at home. Any of our registered school, academic, or public libraries may provide the Magazines Online link to their clientele. Your link is the internet address that you received when you registered for Magazines Online.
New Mexico Portal—For tips, search help, configuration, statistics, and many more useful things, try the New Mexico Portal at: