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LBPH Newsletter Spring 2012


     Occasionally, library patrons may experience difficulties when playing a digital book. Unlike a cassette, where a playback problem is usually related to some defect in the tape, and therefore more tangible, the causes of playback problems with the digital player and cartridge can prove somewhat subtle and complex.

     Generally, the cartridges provided by the National Library Service (NLS) are very reliable; however, with over three million cartridges duplicated nationwide, occasional problems may develop. This library has received reports of cartridge playback presenting problems after the cartridge has circulated many times. In these instances, it is best for the patron to return the cartridge with a note explaining the difficulties.

     Another area that may lead to problems in the playing of books is in the area of BARD downloads. Some flash drives may have other files that interfere with playback. Occasionally, a BARD user may not download the book completely, which can result in an “end of book” announcement prior to the completion of the book.

     If a patron is experiencing difficulty in the playing of a digital book, please inform the library. In some instances, it may prove useful to guide the patron through a resetting of the player “profile”. In most instances, library staff will be able to address the problem and provide a solution.


DNM00260—A Painter's Kitchen: Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O'Keeffe written by Margaret Wood and narrated by Joan Sickler. This new edition of a bestselling cookbook features an attractively designed cover and new foreword by award-winning chef and cookbook author Deborah Madison. Margaret Wood was Georgia O'Keeffe's personal chef.

DNM00265—Santa Fe Passage written by Jon R. Bauman and narrated by William Scheer. Matthew Collins sees opportunity in supplying Santa Fe's hunger for fine goods from the East. He bankrolls wagon trains from Missouri braving storms and Comanche attacks, making himself wealthy and respected in the bargain. But by the 1840s war looms between the U.S. and Mexico and President Polk summons Matthew to Washington  to hatch a plan to turnover Santa Fe and New Mexico to the United States without causing great bloodshed.

DNM00272—New Mexico Baseball: Miners, Outlaws, Indians and Isotopes written by L. M. Sutter and narrated by Charles Boatright. This work traces the history of New Mexican baseball to the days of Billy the Kid and Geronimo. The author describes a kind of feudal society in those early years of the Wild West, where soldiers, miners, criminals, homesteaders, farmers, and the still unsubdued Apaches populated the land, but where baseball existed and was played by a strange amalgamation of Americans.

DNM00285—A Spy's Guide to Santa Fe & Albuquerque written by E.B. Held and Jacob S. Hacker and narrated by Charles Boatright. Santa Fe became well-known in international spy circles as an area rife with espionage. This book chronicles the various intelligence and counterintelligence coups and the planning of the KGB's most infamous assassination, all taking place in the City Different.

DNM00286—Santa Fe Tales & More written by Howard Bryan and narrated by Charles Boatright. True stories of old Santa Fe that the author uncovered researching 19th century newspaper archives, and through personal interviews with old-timers who remembered a way of life that has given way to the modern age. Their recollections provide a vivid description of everyday life on the frontier and extraordinary events and developments that shaped the history of the Southwest.

DNM00291—Cimarron Blood written by William A. Luckey and narrated by Charles Boatright. Blue Mitchell soon finds out there's more going on at the Broken S Ranch than breaking horses. Land feuds and a failed mine have made Albert Buckminster murderous with rage. If Blue gets in the way, it makes no difference to him.

DNM00294—Open Range: The Life of Agnes Morley Cleveland written by Darlis Miller and narrated by Charles Boatright. The story of the life of Agnes Morley Cleveland, author of No Life for a Lady in which she memorably portrayed herself and other ranch women as capable workers and independent thinkers. Her life spans the years from territorial New Mexico to the Cold War, including the raising of her four children and interactions with a wide range of national and regional characters.

DNM00299—Bobby Wouldn't Cry by Senaida Sisneros as told to Eulogio Ortega and narrated by Mary Jo Halpin. This is the story of Bobby, whose short life was lived in pain.  He suffered long and terribly from a progressive neurological disease but he did not cry.  He smiled.  Bobby's mother and his deeply understanding stepfather devoted themselves to making his life as happy and comfortable as they could.  Bobby was an inspiration to all.

DNM00302—Outlaw Tales of New Mexico written by Barbara Marriott and narrated by Charles Boatright. Tells the stories of some of the New Mexico's famous and unknown outlaws. Featured are crimes of passion, such as those performed by Ada Hulmes and Joel Fowler, and planned events like Ketchum's robberies, the Villa attack on Columbus, and the killing of Billy the Kid.


     Two events will require the library to be closed for the early portion of the day in both late May and late June.

     On Wednesday, May 30th, the State Library will be conducting a strategic planning meeting, requiring all staff to attend. These strategic planning meetings are infrequent, the last one occurring about five years ago.

     On Wednesday, June 27th, the Library for the Blind will be presenting its annual volunteer recognition event. Both of these events will occur during either the morning or mid-day. The library expects to be open during the afternoon of both days beginning at 1 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience.