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LBPH Newsletter Fall 2008


As many patrons may know, the New Mexico library allows a 45 day borrowing period per book along with the option to renew one additional time, if there is no other patron waiting for a copy.

Because of the reduced copy allotments from the National Library Service, the New Mexico library plans to issue overdue notices beginning in early 2009. The focus will be on books that have become overdue since about the middle of 2008, when the reduced copy allotments began to take effect.

Patrons should not be alarmed by the receipt of these overdues. Primarily, they are a reminder that the book is overdue and that another patron may be waiting for a copy. If a patron is still listening to a book, he or she may call the library to determine if a renewal is possible. If not, the patron will be encouraged to finish the book and return as soon as possible.

Currently, during the period between April and October 2008, there are nearly 3,000 copies listed as overdue. We hope to reduce the overdue number in the future to no more than a few hundred at a time. Thank you all for your cooperation.


The Friends of the New Mexico Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped benefitted the program by slightly more than $10,000 at a time when the State Library has had to reduce support in areas such as travel and training.

 The largest single acquisition by the Friends was for a Juliet Pro 60 embosser with sound enclosure.  This Braille embosser allows for double-side printing and replaces one that is over 15 years old. The cost totaled $5,335.

Additionally, the Friends supported on-site staff training for the Keystone Systems automation system that organizes patron and book collection information. This training cost totaled $2,460.

When it appeared that the library would be unable to send a staff person to the National Library Service Bi-Annual Conference in San Antonio, the Friends approved over $800 so that Bella Lucero could attend. Also, the Friends supported the annual volunteer recognition event in May at a cost of $1,000.

The Friends continued to support improvements to the local recording program. Additionally, funds generated through a co-operative recording agreement have provided supplemental funds for recording program equipment and audiotape acquisition. Those funds, held by the New Mexico Community Foundation, are administered through the Deputy State Librarian.

 Currently, the Friends retain slightly more than $13,000 in assets. We hope that interested patrons may be able to remember the Friends with a small donation during these challenging economic times. All donations are tax-deductible.


RNM00141—Bowl of Cherries written by Millard Kaufman and narrated by William Scheer. A very bright Judd Breslau falls in with eccentric Egyptologist Phillips Chatterton and is led astray from his work by young Valerie Chatterton into, successively: the attic, a Colorado ranch, a porn studio beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, and a jail cell in Southern Iraq awaiting his own execution. Strong language, violence and sexually explicit.

RNM00145—Spud Johnson and Laughing Horse edited by Sharyn R. Udall and narrated by Patricia Jonietz. Witty and entertaining pieces from the small literary magazine published in Santa Fe and Taos in the 1920s and 1930s, and a closer look at the quirky man responsible for it all.  

RNM00146—Six Kinds of Sky: A Collection of Short Fiction written by Luis Alberto Urreau and narrated by Harriet Meryash. A collection of six short stories with glittering landscapes from the thick Mazatlan starry night to the wide open spaces of the Sioux Nation in South Dakota. Written with wit and ingenuity, these stories possess a powerful sense of acceleration which ennoble the human spirit.

RNM00147—The Secret Stars written Joseph Slate and narrated by Mary Jo Halpin. It's the night of the Three Kings and an icy rain drums on the tin roof of a house in the cove of a hill in New Mexico. In the house sleeps a grandmother with a grandchild on either side. The children awaken and worry that without stars to guide them, how will the Three Kings find them to leave their toys? Juvenile title.


Please remember to rewind your book tapes before returning.


Occasionally, patrons request a review of mailing card features. When received, the mailing card displays the patron’s address along with the library’s return address and information about Free Matter mailing. A punch hole that identifies the position of the card by touch is in the upper right corner.

Upon return, the card is removed from its slots and turned over. The punch hole should now be in the lower right corner. The return address of the library is displayed along with Free Matter information. Additionally, two check boxes are displayed in the upper left corner. The top check box is for identifying a Defective Book. The check box below is to request a Resend this Title because the patron was unable to complete listening to the defective version.