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LBPH Newsletter Winter 2008-2009


 After over five years of service with the Friends of the NMLBPH, the last three as President, Jim Babb is moving on to pursue other interests. Recently elected President of the Albuquerque Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind, Jim also serves as Vice-Chairman of the State Rehabilitation Council, which serves as an Advisory Committee to the Commission for the Blind. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors of Goodwill Industries.

 A resident of the Albuquerque, Jim, previously lived in Ohio where he worked as a counselor and supervisor for the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission for 34 years. While in the Buckeye State, he, also, served as President of the Association of Education and Rehabilitation.

 Succeeding Jim as President of the Friends will be Susan Bloch, who previously served as Secretary for about four years. Taking over as Secretary will be Zella Kay Cox. Paul Agriesti continues to serve as Treasurer. The Vice-President’s position is currently vacant.

 We wish Jim well with his many future activities.


RNM00051—The Spanish Redemption: Heritage, Power, and Loss on New Mexico's Upper Rio Grande written by Charles Montgomery and narrated by Jose Sanchez. Compelling narrative that traces the history of the upper Rio Grande's modern Spanish heritage, showing how Anglos and Hispanos sought to redefine the social character by glorifying its impressive Spanish colonial past.

RNM00058—Imperial Spain: 1469-1716 by J.H. Elliot and narrated by Jose Sanchez. A brilliant study by a respected English historian at the University of Oxford of the sudden rise of a barren and isolated country to be the greatest power on earth, and of its equally sudden decline.

RNM00070—Mysteries & Miracles of New Mexico written by Jack Kutz and narrated by Harriet Meryash. Discover and travel to some of the most fascinating places in New Mexico to experience strange happenings, lost civilizations, mysteries and the history of the Old West that have taken place in the Land of Enchantment. Includes detailed directions allowing you to travel to the actual locales.

RNM00108—Song Before Sunrise written by Jonreed Lauritzen and narrated by Harriet Meryash. Legendary mountain man Dennis Julian, cares for Nijoni, whose beauty was such that it was whispered she was La Senorita Azul, the legendary Blue Lady, who would free the Navajos and peons from oppression. Violence has come between them and he finds himself with the Spanish against Nijoni's cause.

RNM00109—Essence & Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume written by Mandy Aftel and narrated by Linda Anderman. Renowned perfumer explores the primal nature and importance of aroma in everyday life and teaching people about the nature of smell and the idea of "olfactory consciousness." This book offers a treatise on the history and the making of perfume.

RNM00120—Pemmican written by Vardis Fisher and narrated by Harriet Meryash. A vital exploration of a segment of the early growth of America. A violent story of the war between the Hudson's Bay Company and the new North Westers. A well-researched historical novel of the Hudson's Bay Company.

RNM00124—El Hombre Ilustrado written by Ray Bradbury and narrated by Julio Aguilar-Chang. Science fiction short stories on rocket travel, escape to the past, dreams, hypnotism, and numerous other subjects. Spanish language.

RNM00138—The Mesa Verde World: Explorations in Pueblo Archaeology edited by David Grant Noble and narrated by Zella Kay Cox. Mesa Verde's stunning landscapes and cliff dwellings, evokes all the romance of American archaeology. It has intrigued researchers and visitors for more than a century and is the only National Park that is based on human habitation. Environment and astronomy figured greatly in the Puebloan culture.

RNM00148—The English Horses: A Western Story written by William A. Luckey and narrated by Charles Boatright. When small ranchers have been accustomed to regarding the land as open range, the introduction of barbed wire creates tension and violence, as rancher Gordon Meiklejon soon discovers.


 The annual Possibilities Fair arrives in Las Cruces on Friday, February 20th at the Days Inn & Suites Mesilla Valley Hotel & Conference Center. The event is scheduled from 9 AM until 3 PM. The cost of conference with luncheon will be eighteen dollars.

 This year’s event will feature Art Schreiber as luncheon speaker. On display will be information and presentations from Freedom Scientific, Southwest Vision, Humanware, the Commission for the Blind, and the Independent Living Center, along with this library.

 Enjoy the mild, mid-winter weather in Las Cruces. If interested, contact either Jim Babb at 505-792-9777 or Christine Hall at 505-268-3895 for more information.