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This newsletter is published by the New Mexico Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH) and is distributed free to the patrons and other interested parties. The newsletter can be requested in large print or Braille versions, and an audio version can be accessed on NEWSLINE. For information, call LBPH at 1-800-456-5515 or 505-476-9770, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

LBPH Newsletter Fall 2010


    On November 23rd, the library began local administrative responsibility of the BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) program. Prior to this change in administration, the National Library Service (NLS) was primarily responsible. The NLS will continue to manage the technical aspects of BARD; however, New Mexico and other regional programs are now responsible for approving applications, managing accounts, and responding to questions concerning the use of BARD.

    New Mexico now has about 250 patrons, who subscribe to BARD, which is about 15 per cent of patrons with digital players. BARD allows users download access to over 20,000 digital recordings. Patrons with computer access and proficiency and a high speed Internet connection will find BARD a convenient feature.

    The library is in the process of developing an Internet Web page with access to BARD and links offering guidance with the use of the program. We encourage patrons, who are computer users, to explore the benefits of BARD at 


    Many patrons, who enjoy listening to locally produced recordings, have been asking when these productions will become available in digital format. While a definite timeline has not been set, it is hoped that a number of local productions will be available in digital format by the summer of 2011, if not sooner. Staffing shortages due to a hiring freeze and organizational changes within the State Library have made it difficult to find the hundreds of hours needed to convert existing audiotape productions into digital format. As the majority of patrons now have access to digital players, it is our plan to begin phasing out local recordings in cassette form and begin distribution in digital media. It is expected that the next newsletter will feature listings of new local productions in both cassette and digital media.


RNM00037—The Morleys: Young Upstarts on the Southwest Frontier written by Norman Cleaveland and narrated by Jo Chapman. William Raymond Morley's spectacular career in the 1870s made him one of the most colorful figures in the Southwest. He won the Raton Pass and Royal Gorge for the Santa Fe Railroad, managed the huge Maxwell Land Grant, and was editor of the Cimarron News and Press. Brings his story to life in heroic style.

RNM00194—The Furies written by Niven Busch and narrated by Kit Blackwood. On a ranch in New Mexico, an uneasy relationship emerges between a father and his only worthy heir, daughter Vance Jefford. She faithfully does all that her father asks of her until she wants to marry, and he dislikes her choice . Add in a lot of jealousy, sex, cruelty, and the father's new mistress. Now you have drama set in mid-1850s New Mexico.

RNM00201—Survival Along the Continental Divide: An Anthology of Interviews written by Jack Loeffler and narrated by Kit Blackwood. Hopi, Navajo, Rio Grande Puebloan, Hispano, and Anglo cultures are explored in this collection of recorded interviews that Loeffler collected over a period of 40 years. Loeffler turned to the landscape of the Continental Divide and the diversity that inhabit its arid terrain to reveal the rich cultural mosaic that has evolved in the American West.

RNM00202—River of Traps: A New Mexico Mountain Life written by William deBuys and narrated by Bruce Herr. A portrait of three men and the mountain village in northern New Mexico that shaped their lives. A rich and deep human story, this book offers a portrait into the life of a  complicated "simple" man and his place in the world--as recalled by two friends.

RNM00203—Pueblos, Spaniards, and the Kingdom of New Mexico written by John L. Kessell and narrated by Eliot Kohen. A clear picture of the events leading to the Pueblo revolt of 1640 as studied in this narrative history by a distinguished historian.

RNM00204—Mujeres Valerosas: Meet the Extraordinary Women of the New Mexico Hispanic Women's Council by Vangie Samora and narrated by Patricia Jonietz. Explores in documentary form the extraordinary, contemporary Hispanic women leaders of New Mexico. Through essays and short biographies, the women share insightful life lessons and practical approaches to personal and professional success. As their stories unfold you will be inspired by their creativity and tenacity.


    Occasionally patrons may be interested in giving a financial contribution to the library. The Friends of the NMLBPH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that can accept and maintain tax-deductible donations for the benefit of the library program.

    The Friends’ support has generally been in the area of supplemental funding for materials or travel, where state funding has been reduced, or in areas such as the local recording program, which may not routinely be supported by state or federal funding. In the past year, Friends’ funding has covered costs such as professional conference travel, volunteer recognition, and increased data storage for local recordings and NLS/BARD downloads for duplication. Contributions to the Friends may be addressed to Friends of the NMLBPH, 1209 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, NM 87507.