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Foundation Center Bibliography

The State Library sponsors a Traveling Collection of Foundation Center Materials which rotates
through libraries in New Mexico. This collection is designed to help provide local access for libraries and other non-profits in their communities to information about funding. Each location gets to keep the Traveling Collection for six weeks. Librarians can call the State Library Public Services Bureau at 1-800-876 -2203 to schedule the collection.

Foundation Collection Bibliography

1. America’s Nonprofit Sector: A Primer
2. Annual Register of Grant Support: A Directory of Funding Sources
3. Arts Funding
4. Big Book of Library Grant Money
5. The Board Member’s Book: Third Edition
6. Corporate Foundation Profiles
7. Directory of Building and Equipment Grants
8. Directory of Computer & High Technology Grants
9. Directory of Financial Aids for Women
10. Directory of Operating Grants
11. Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans
12. Financial Aid for Native Americans
13. Foundation 1000
14. Foundation Directory
15. Foundation Directory, Part II
16. Foundation Center Pt. 3 Vol 1 & 2
17. Foundation Fundamentals
18. Foundation Giving Trends
19. Foundation Grants for Individuals
20. Funding in Aids
21. Funding Sources for Community and Economic Development
22. Grants for Arts, Culture & the Humanities
23. Grants for Environmental Protection
24. Grants for Libraries and Information Services
25. Grants for Mental Health, Addictions and Crisis Services
26. Grants for Minorities
27. Grants for People with Disabilities
28. Grants for Women and Girls
29. Grants Register
30. Guide to Grant Seeking on the Web
31. Guide to Proposal Writing
32. Guide to U.S. Foundations, Their Trustees, Officers, and Donors
33. Guide to Funding for International and Foreign Programs
34. Guide to Winning Proposals I
35. Guide to Winning Proposals II
36. Investing in Capacity Building: A Guide to High-Impact Approaches
37. National Directory of Corporate Giving
38. National Guide to Funding in Aging
39. National Guide to Funding in Arts and Culture
40. National Guide to Funding in Health
41. National Guide to Funding in Religion
42. Secrets of Successful Grantsmanship:
43. Webster’s New World: Grant Writing Handbook