April 3, 2014

Mexican gray wolf pairs being released in Arizona” – Las Cruces Sun News

Two Mexican gray wolves have been released in southeastern Arizona, but another pair has been removed in New Mexico after roaming too far north, sparking more criticism from environmentalists about the way the wild population is being managed. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed expanding the area where the predators are allowed to roam, but it could be months before a final decision is reached. – 4/3/14

FDA approves easy-to-use heroin overdose antidote” – El Paso Times

Friends and family will be able to take the first step to save a lived one from an overdose of heroin or powerful painkillers called opioids. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved and easy-to-use device that automatically injects the right dose of an overdose antidote named naloxone before an ambulance arrives. – 4/3/14