April 22, 2014

Court urges rewrite of child porn law” – Las Cruces Sun News

New Mexico's Supreme Court on Monday overturned more than two dozen convictions in separate child pornography cases in a ruling that drew sharp criticism from Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, a former prosecutor.  The court said state law is unclear about the circumstances under which prosecutors can bring more than one charge against someone for possessing multiple pornographic images of children. – 4-22-14


"U.S. justices deliver blow to 'Rails-to-Trails' policy" – Reuters

Although the case involved a situation along a hike and bike trail in Wyoming, the case has implications even in the cities and rural areas of New Mexico.  Santa Fe has several former railroad right-of-ways that have been converted to hike and bike trails.  One need only take a look at the Santa Fe Bikeways & Trails Map and the names of the trails. – 3-10-14

More information:

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