March 16, 2015

Legislature considers how to regulate money in politicsNew Mexico In Depth

Less than five years since New Mexico capped contributions, Sen. Majority Leader Michael Sanchez of Belen is proposing that the state’s lawmakers repeal limits on contributions.

States can’t require “dark money” groups to disclose all their donors. But states can pry open the doors a little, which is what advocates hope New Mexico will do this session under a bill that would expose so-called “dark money” groups to greater sunlight.

House Bill 278, sponsored by GOP Rep. Jim Smith of Sandia Park, would require certain groups that currently don’t have to report where their money comes from to disclose the names of donors whose dollars are used for political purposes as long as those amounts are above certain dollar thresholds.  --  3/16/2015


Mining Bill Draws Concern About Threats To New Mexico Water -- KUNM News Roundup

The New Mexico House is considering legislation that would allow mines to remain on standby for as long as 100 years without obligation of restoration. The Santa Fe New Mexican says the House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee has heard two debates on HB 625.The bill, which has the support of New Mexico's largest copper mines, would permit mines to defer operations for up to 100 years and reopen with little public notice. Opponents say the bill undermines critical portions of the Mining Act, which protects groundwater from pollution.