April 23, 2015

U.S. Maps Areas of Increased Earthquakes From Human Activity -- The New York Times


In its first comprehensive assessment of earthquakes believed to be caused by human activity, the United States Geological Survey released a map on Thursday identifying 17 regions with significant levels of seismic movement triggered mostly from oil and gas operations.

By far the hardest-hit state, the report says, is Oklahoma, where earthquakes are hundreds of times more common than they were until a few years ago.

“Oklahoma used to experience one or two earthquakes per year of magnitude 3 or greater, and now they’re experiencing one or two a day,” Mark Petersen, chief author of the report, said. “Oklahoma now has more earthquakes of that magnitude than California.” – 4/23/2015


PRC votes in new rules and regs for Lyft, Uber -- Albuquerque Business First

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission voted Wednesday to issue new rules that regulate companies like Uber and Lyft. The PRC has struggled for more than a year to figure out how to regulate Uber and Lyft.

The implications of the new rules, which have not been posted yet on the PRC site, are unclear. The commissioners at the hearing "red lined" copies of the rules. Though they have not been posted, the transportation act can require that motor carriers set minimum prices and issue other tariffs. -- 4/22/2015