May 4, 2015

State approves two solar arrays in southern NMLas Cruces Sun News

Southern New Mexico is moving closer to being a renewable-energy powerhouse.

In late April, Aubrey Dunn, the NM state's land commissioner, announced that NextEra Energy Resources, a Florida-based company heavily invested in renewable energy, has been awarded a bid to develop solar power array projects on state trust lands in Doña Ana and Otero counties.

The two projects include a 50-megawatt solar array located on 640 acres of state trust land in Doña Ana County, some 6.4 miles west of Santa Teresa. A second array, expected to be the largest in the state, will generate 150 megawatts of electricity on 2,770 acres in Otero County. The Otero County solar power array is expected to be three times larger than the largest existing solar array at Macho Springs in Luna County, also located on state trust land. - - 5/4/15