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September 17, 2015

Feds to pay $940M to settle claims over tribal contracts -- Associated Press

The Obama administration has agreed to pay a group of Native American tribes nearly $1 billion to settle a decades-old claim that the government failed to adequately compensate tribes while they managed education, law enforcement and other federal services.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Justice Department officials plan to announce the proposed class-action settlement Thursday along with leaders from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Zuni Pueblo and Ramah Chapter of the Navajo Nation. They are among the lead plaintiffs in a contract-dispute lawsuit filed in 1990.

The $940 million proposed payout would represent the latest in a string of major settlements between tribes and the federal government in the last five years. It still must be approved in U.S. district court. -- 9/17/2015


CIA Releases Declassified Secret President's Daily Brief -- NPR Morning Edition

The President's Daily Brief is one of the most secretive documents in Washington. The CIA has made public hundreds of briefs covering 8 years during John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson's presidencies.

The 2,500 President's Daily Briefs went live on the CIA website yesterday. An agency official says about 20 percent of the documents are redacted to protect methods and sources. The agency plans to release 2,000 more PDBs next year, from the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. -- 9/17/2015


CDC Says Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective This Season -- NPR

Last year's flu vaccine didn't work very well. This year's version should do a much better job protecting people against the flu, federal health officials said Thursday.

An analysis of the most common strains of flu virus that are circulating in the United States and elsewhere found they match the strains included in this year's vaccine, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The CDC recommends annual flu vaccination for people 6 months and older. The flu season in the U.S. can start as early as October and stretch into May. Cases typically peak between December and February. -- 9/17/2015