January 13, 2016

NM Land Office gets Santa Fe hotel site in trade of apple farm & thousands of acres to Cochiti Pueblo -- Albuquerque Journal North

The old Dixon Apple Orchard and 8,800 acres of state trust land next to it in northern New Mexico will be traded to Cochiti Pueblo and the Garrett’s Desert Inn site in downtown Santa Fe — which also includes the renowned Santa Fe Bite restaurant — will become the property [of] the New Mexico State Land Office in a three-party deal announced today.

The property being obtained by the pueblo, in the former Cañada de Cochiti Land Grand south of Santa Fe adjacent to the pueblo, has sacred and ancestral village sites and hunting areas that Cochiti has been seeking for decades.

“This land exchange is of enormous importance to the people of the Cochiti Pueblo. I am pleased to play a part in the return of their ancestral land, while at the same time acquiring an income producing property for the beneficiaries of the (state land) trust. We know the land will be protected and well-managed under their care,” said State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn in a news release.  -- 1/13/2016


The White House is once again making the full text of the State of the Union widely available online. The text, as prepared for delivery, is also available on Medium and Facebook notes, continuing efforts to meet people where they are and make the speech as accessible as possible. Through these digital platforms, people can follow along with the speech as they watch in real time, view charts and infographics on key areas, share their favorite lines, and provide feedback.