February 29, 2016

Some legislative goals achieved despite budget shortfallLas Cruces Sun News

Workers Compensation:

 Senate Bill 214, sponsored by Senator Jacob Candelaria, an Albuquerque Democrat, provides for a percentage reduction in indemnity benefits when a worker’s intoxication contributes to his or her work­ related injury. After five years of efforts, Senate Bill 214 passed this year with overwhelming bipartisan support in both the Senate (38­1) and the House (66­1). This aligns 
New Mexico with 40 other states that have similar statutes and helps assure safe workplace environments. - - 2/29/16


Senate Bill 72 amends the law to protect established farm operations from nuisance claims. A claim may not be brought by a person if there is a purchase, lease, or rental of property near an existing agricultural operation or facility unless the farm substantially changes its operation. ​The Senate and House worked in bipartisan fashion to pass this bill, sponsored by Senator Stuart Ingle, a Portales Republican, through both chambers. The legislation updates the New Mexico Right to Farm Act to provide protection to modern food production and agricultural operations to ensure the availability of a safe, abundant, and cost ­effective food supply. - - 2/29/16


On Jan. 10, the federal government deemed New Mexico to be out of compliance with the Federal REAL ID Act. This meant that the thousands of small businesses and jobs that depend on reliable access to federal facilities were potentially put at risk. The Senate, House and the Governor’s Office worked together diligently to ensure that legislation was passed this year that would bring New Mexico into compliance with the REAL ID Act. House Bill 99, co­sponsored by Paul Pacheco, an Albuquerque Republican, and Andy Nunez a Republican from ­Hatch, passed both chambers with overwhelming bipartisan support. - - 2/29/16