November 17, 2016

State Land Office OK's step in SunZia processLas Cruces Sun News

New Mexico State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn announced Wednesday that he has granted a right-of-entry for the SunZia Transmission Project. The controversial project is slated to cross 89 miles of New Mexico State Trust Land. SunZia contains close to 515 miles of two single-circuit 500 kV transmission lines that will traverse New Mexico and Arizona. It is designed to connect and deliver electricity generated in Arizona and New Mexico to population centers in the desert Southwest. -- 11/17/2016


New Mexico governor offers assurances on health coverage -- KOB News

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has offered assurances that people won't be left without health insurance as President-elect Donald Trump and fellow Republicans seek to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

Martinez said Tuesday that she expected people to continue to enroll for insurance using health care exchanges as long as it's the law and that insurance cannot simply be taken away. A transition to any new system will be needed ensure people are not left uninsured, she said.

Changes to the Affordable Care Act may have major implications in New Mexico, where people have flocked to Medicaid since Martinez agreed to an expansion in 2014 and where other federal subsidies extend to three out of four uninsured applicants who use the state insurance exchange. -- 11/17/2016