February 22, 2017

Bill aims to require background checks for certain gun salesLas Cruces Sun News

House Bill 50 being considered by New Mexico lawmakers would require background checks for firearm sales at gun shows and in private transactions. Supporters say the bill by Democratic Rep. Garcia of Los Alamos would make it harder for criminals to get guns. - - 2/22/2017


House passes bill to allow for teacher absences- Las Cruces Sun News

Legislation passed by a wide majority Monday evening in the New Mexico House of Representatives would give school teachers throughout the state protection that teachers in Las Cruces lacked two years during a dispute with the state Department of Education. House Bill 241, known as the “Teachers Are Human Too” bill would allow teachers to use up to 10 days of sick leave and all of their personal leave without it having a negative impact on their annual evaluations. - - 2/22/2017


New Mexico lawmaker withdraws bill to ban wildlife trapsLas Cruces Sun News

Senate Memorial 100 would outlaw the trapping of wildlife on public land in New Mexico is being rewritten in response to criticism at a legislative hearing. Democratic Sen. Pete Campos of Las Vegas withdrew the initiative Tuesday and said it was unlikely to move through the Legislature this year as he seeks out compromises between supporters and critics. - - 2/22/2017