March 2, 2017

Bill to expand voter registration clears SenateLas Cruces Sun News

The New Mexico Senate passed legislation Wednesday that would allow residents to register to vote up to three days before the start of an election, and then cast a ballot that same day. Current law requires voters to be registered at least 28 days before an election to be eligible. Senate Bill 224, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Steinborn, D-Las Cruces, passed the Senate on a 19-11 vote. Several members of the Senate Finance Committee were in committee at the time of the vote, and were marked as “excused.” - - 3/2/2017


New Mexico Senate OKs minimum wage hike- Las Cruces Sun News

A Democrat-led push to raise New Mexico's minimum wage for the first time since 2009 cleared the state Senate on Wednesday, with limited resistance from Republican lawmakers. The Senate-approved Bill 386 would raise the pay floor from $7.50 an hour to $9. In a compromise between labor and business interests, the proposal includes an $8 hourly training wage for the first two months of employment and leave out any future adjustments for inflation. - - 3/2/2017


Bill demonstrates healthcare challenge for NM - Las Cruces Sun News

Sponsored by Republican Rep. Paul Bandy of Aztec and supported by GOP Gov. Susana Martinez,  House Bill 316 seeks to reduce state spending on Medicaid by pushing hundreds of people off a little-known state program – the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool, also called the “high-risk pool” — and onto the state’s health insurance exchange. The high-risk pool currently offers health coverage for the sickest of the sick, more than 2,700 people who suffer from heart disease, cancer, Hepatitis C, neurological disorders and HIV/AIDS. - - 3/2/2017