March 3, 2017

New Mexico Senate wants lower marijuana-possession penaltiesLas Cruces Sun News

Criminal penalties in New Mexico for possession of small amounts of marijuana would be replaced with a $50 fine under SB 258 approved by the state Senate. The Senate voted Thursday to replace penalties including possible jail time for low-level marijuana possession violations with a purely monetary penalty. -- 3/3/2017


New Mexico Senate OKs bill that would raise tax on gasoline- Las Cruces Sun News

A clash about whether to increase taxes in New Mexico escalated Thursday as the Democratic-led state Senate pushed forward with a proposal to raise more money from taxes on gasoline, diesel and vehicle sales. Joined by three Republicans, Democratic senators approved SB 132 that would provide $183 million to shore up state general fund reserves and boost funding for road maintenance. -- 3/3/2017


NM Unit Fund legislative authorization bill clears Senate Conservation Committee – Las Cruces Sun News

A bipartisan bill to require legislatively approved budgets in Gila River diversion project planning cleared the Senate Conservation Committee on Tuesday. The bill moves to the Senate Finance Committee. Sponsored by Senator Howie Morales, D, District 28, Senator Sander Rue, R, District 23, and Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, D, District 25, Senate Bill 340 requires legislative oversight of the NM Unit Fund and forces the Interstate Stream Commission to report the details of its actual and planned uses of the fund. -- 3/3/2017