March 15, 2017

NM Legislature curbs physical restraint of students- Las Cruces Sun News

The NM Legislature has approved House Bill 75 that sets new limits and guidelines for physically restraining school students or placing them in seclusion. The state Senate voted 30-4 on Monday to send the measure to Gov. Martinez, who is likely to sign the bill. -- 3/15/2017


NM Senate backs veto override on teacher sick leave - Las Cruces Sun News

The New Mexico state Senate voted to override a veto by Republican NM Gov. Susana Martinez of HB 241 that would have allowed teachers to take more than three days of annual sick leave without being penalized on performance evaluations. If the House also votes to override, it would be the first time in 15 years a NM governor's veto has been reversed. -- 3/15/2017


Bill to remove firearms from convicted domestic offenders passes House Judiciary Committee - Las Cruces Sun News

Senate Bill-259, a bill to remove firearms from convicted domestic violent offenders, sponsored by Senator Joseph Cervantes and Representative Javier Martinez, passes New Mexico House Judiciary Committee 9-4 with less than a week left in the legislative session. -- 3/15/2017


Senate Bill 340 is temporarily tabled - Las Cruces Sun News

Senate Bill 340, sponsored by Senators Morales, Wirth and Rue, was temporarily tabled yesterday in the Senate Finance Committee.  The bill would make further Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) spending for NM Unit permitting or implementation contingent upon providing the following information to the legislature:  (1) demonstrate that the proposed NM Unit project is technically feasible, (2) quantify the amount of water the project could produce and who would use it, and (3) provide an engineering estimate of the project’s cost and a plan to pay for it. -- 3/15/2017