March 17, 2017

How Proposed IMLS Cuts Will Affect New Mexico Public Libraries  -- Hitchhiker

President Trump’s proposed fiscal year 18 budget includes the elimination of federal arts and humanities programs including PBS, National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Included in this budget is the elimination of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) which, among other things, provides funding to state library agencies across the country.

The New Mexico State Library (NMSL) receives annually around $1.4 million from the IMLS. This translates to $.70 per person, and this money pays for a variety of programs. These programs are... -- 3/17/2017


Legislature declares six bills as law, even though governor vetoed them -- KOB News

The New Mexico Legislative Council declared Thursday night that six bills will be enacted into law, even though Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed them.  

The revelation comes after KOB pointed out language to legislators in the NM State Constitution that states the governor is required to return vetoes with "his/her objections." Eight of the governor's vetoes have not included any explanation as to why she disagreed with the bills. -- 3/16/2017


Trump’s proposal to strip arts funds alarms New Mexico organizations -- Santa Fe New Mexican

President Donald Trump on Thursday indicated his intention to eliminate longstanding federal arts and humanities programs, sending a wave of anxiety through the New Mexico art organizations, public broadcasters and libraries whose programs would be endangered.

Trump’s proposal would reduce to zero the National Endowment for the Arts’ $148 million budget, the National Endowment for the Humanities’ $148 million budget, the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ $230 million budget and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s $445 million budget. -- 3/17/2017


Under Trump budget, NM would see big gains, losses -- Albuquerque Journal

President Donald Trump’s first budget blueprint would dramatically boost 2018 spending next year on military and nuclear weapons programs that account for billions of federal dollars in New Mexico, but it would slash the budgets at a dozen agencies, including the departments of Interior and Agriculture. -- 3/17/2017


New Mexico minimum wage bill heads to governorLas Cruces Sun News

A proposal to increase New Mexico's minimum wage for the first time since 2009 is on its way to the governor's desk. The Senate on Thursday approved of increasing minimum wage by $1.50 to $9 an hour. An $8 hourly training wage would apply to the first two months of employment. SB 36 includes no future adjustments for inflation. -- 3/17/2017


Governor blames Senate ‘failure’ for vetoes, signs two House GOP billsLas Cruces Sun News

A day after vetoing six pieces of legislation in an apparent burst of anger at Democratic lawmakers, Gov. Martinez on Thursday signed two GOP-sponsored House bills. On Thursday, Martinez signed two bills. HB 29, creates an advisory board to help address a massive sinkhole below the city of Carlsbad that is in danger of collapsing. And HB197, relates to accounting regulations for out-of-state residents.

Negotiations have continued for days between lawmakers and the governor over a final budget without much public discussion. On March 11, the Senate, on bipartisan votes, passed the budget bill, HB 2, and HB 202, which could raise more than $300 million in new revenue depending on which tax hikes Martinez signed and which she vetoed. -- 3/17/2017


New bill seeks to boost early childhood educationLas Cruces Sun News

Efforts in the New Mexico Legislature to increase funding for early childhood education did not die Wednesday with the tabling of a constitutional amendment that would have increased the annual distribution from the Land Grant Permanent Fund. SJR 21 was heard Thursday in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Papen said she thinks it still has a good chance of getting through the process before the end of the session at noon Saturday. If passed, and then approved by voters, the legislation would provide an additional $38 million for early childhood education starting in 2019. -- 3/17/2017