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October 10; #1673

In this issue:



Amid debate over purported bias against American writers,  the Swedish Academy awarded French-born author Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature.  The committee described the 68-year-old as an “author of new departures, poetic adventure and sensual ecstasy, explorer of a humanity beyond and below the reigning civilization.”  Le Clézio, a cosmopolitan French novelist, children’s author, and essayist is regarded by some French readers as one of the country’s greatest living writers.  He has written more than 40 books, 12 of which have been translated into English. He was the 14th French writer to win the prize since it was created in 1901. Previous French winners include Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, and André Gide. According to the Nobel Prize Web site, the first literature prize was awarded to a French writer, Sully Prudhomme. 

A citizen of the world, Le Clézio has lived and written about many parts of the world.  He moved with his family to Nigeria as a boy for two years before returning to Nice. He has lived all over the world, including France, Mexico, Panama, England, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He has also traveled in Nigeria and Japan and published translations of Mayan sacred texts. Since the 1990s Le Clézio and his wife Jemia, a Moroccan, have divided their time between Albuquerque, Mauritius, and Nice. 

“Western culture has become too monolithic,” he told news magazine Label France in 2001. “It places the greatest possible emphasis on its urban and technical side thus preventing the development of other forms of expression: religiosity and feelings, for example. The entire unknowable part of the human being is obscured in the name of rationalism. It is my awareness of this that has pushed me towards other civilisations.” 

The breakthrough novel establishing him as among France’s leading modern writers is generally held to be Désert (1980), which won a prize from the French Academy.  This work contains magnificent images of a lost culture in the North African desert, contrasted with a depiction of Europe seen through the eyes of unwanted immigrants. The main character, the Algerian guest worker Lalla, is a utopian antithesis to the ugliness and brutality of European society. 

Long stays in Mexico and Central America in the period 1970 to 1974 were of decisive significance for his work, and he left the big cites in search of a new spiritual reality in contact with the Indians.  Le Clézio began the translation of the major works of the Indian tradition, such as Les prophéties du Chilam Balam. Le rêve mexicain ou la pensée interrompue (1998) testifies to his fascination with Mexico’s magnificent past. The Mexican Dream: Or, The Interrupted Thought of Amerindian Civilizations, which imagines Mexico without European settlers, was published by the University of Chicago Press in 1993. 

Le cercheur d’or (1985; The Prospector, 1993) treats material from the islands of the Indian Ocean in the spirit of the adventure story. In later years the author’s attraction to the dream of earthly paradise is apparent in books such as Ourania (2005) and Raga: approche du continent invisible (2006).  The emphasis in Le Clézio’s work has increasingly moved in the direction of an exploration of the world of childhood and of his own family history. This development began with Onitsha (1991), continued more explicitly with La Quarantaine (1995) and has culminated in Révolutions (2003) and L’Africain (2004). 

In spite of his international fame, Le Clézio chose to stay away from fashionable literary circles, saying in an article in 1965: “Not yet sure if writing is a good way of expression.” He taught at a Buddhist University in Thailand in 1966-67, at the University of Mexico, and at Boston University, the University of Texas, Austin, and the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.


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2008 Statewide GO Bond Issue.  The 2008 Statewide GO Bond Issue will appear on the November ballot, listed as “B”: Library Materials Acquisition.   This GO Bond benefits all New Mexico cities, towns, and villages.

The total value of the bond is $11 million, breaking down as follows:  

  • 74 public and community libraries (incl. rural bookmobiles) will receive $3 million
  • 850 public school libraries and two juvenile detention libraries will share $3 million 
  • 26 public colleges and university campus libraries will divide $3 million 
  • 19 tribal public libraries receive $2 million

The highlights of Bond “B”  are:

  • All of New Mexico’s 33 counties will receive library materials—books, DVDs, software—bond funds.
  • Bond “B” is an opportunity to replace outdated, worn-out and “lost” books with new books, educational materials, DVDs, library computers and other equipment, and electronic resources. Funds are also included for certain computer upgrades. 
  • The legislation had widespread bipartisan support and was signed by Gov. Richardson. If passed, the tax obligation for Bond B will be a very modest $0.77/annum for each $100,000 assessed value on property. 
  • Continues building on popularly supported 2006 bond issue providing enhanced materials for NM libraries.

To learn more, see the website at

Data from Bonds For Libraries Committee, a citizens’ political action committee, Linda O’Connell, Treasurer. For information, contact Dr. David Giltrow, co-chair, at (505) 988-4751 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Contributions welcome (not tax deductible). See website above for details and address.


Color tip.  Find out where the best fall colors are!  The Forest Service’s “Fall Color Hotline” is up and running.  This Hotline provides national forest visitors with weekly updates on fall foliage color changes and fall activities throughout the nation.  Call 1-800-354-4595.


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Workshops from the State Library.  The New Mexico State Library is pleased to invite librarians and volunteers to participate in these fall workshops. All are free and participants can earn .5 CEUs in each workshop. 

  • In-Service for Youth Services Librarians: Exploring the Girard Wing in the Museum of International Folk Art, Thursday, November 6, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe.  Learn about amulets and milagros in the Girard Wing, find curricular links to NM Standards and Benchmarks, and discover some interactive folk art activities for your young patrons with “Writing the Galleries” and other hands-on activities. A great way to learn about folk art while discovering how to blend museum and library resources! This is also a perfect tie-in to the 2009 Summer Reading Programs theme of Be Creative @ Your Library for kids and Express Yourself @ Your Library for teens. Click here to register.   
  • Intellectual Freedom Fundamentals Training:  A collaborative endeavor of the NMLA Intellectual Freedom Committee and the NM State Library, November 13, 2008 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  at the Belen Public Library.  This workshop will explore the fundamental legal and professional principles underlying intellectual freedom, as well as provide librarians with practical tips on how to strengthen their policies and cope with challenges and issues in their own libraries. Although geared towards public librarians, academic and school librarians with also be exposed to information on principles that apply to all types of libraries. Topics covered include First Amendment and the Library Bill of Rights; banned books, challenges, labeling, collection development policies; Internet use; access by minors; public forum in the context of meeting rooms, displays, exhibits; library privacy and confidentiality; and policy writing.  Details and to register
  • 2009 Summer Reading Program Workshops:  Be Creative @ Your Library.  Your 2009 Summer Reading Program will be here before you know it! Come to one of four sessions to learn about the 2009 program, full of creativity and the arts. Please join us at one of these sessions and Be Creative @ Your Library: November 14, Los Alamos;  November 18, Hatch;  December 8, Artesia;  December 12, Albuquerque.  All sessions will be 9:30a.m. to 4 p.m.  Click here for more information and to register


NM Book Awards finalists.  The finalists in the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards were announced by the New Mexico Book Co-op.  Sixty-eight judges from all across New Mexico and Colorado (library and bookstore personnel, teachers, museum and art experts, and general avid readers) reviewed some 250 entries in 33 categories. Every book was judged by at least two people and some books received reviews by as many as eight judges. Sixty-two percent of the entries were rated with a score of 80 or better (out of 100) and 26 percent got scores of 90 or better. You can check out the entire list at Congratulations to all who entered and to the finalists! The winners will be announced at the banquet (see below). 


NM Book Awards Banquet tickets now available.  The finalists in the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards have been chosen (see above)and the winners will be announced at the banquet on November 21.  Cost is $36 per person if reserved before October 15 (cost is $46 after that date). RSVP (505) 344-9382;  street address is 925 Salamanca NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107.  You can make and pay for your reservation online at Don’t wait too long to make your reservation as the banquet was sold out last year by October 1.


Up for grabs!  Western New Mexico University's Miller Library has mounted a list of books and periodicals recently withdrawn from its collection at .  You may also access this web site by clicking the Faculty Info link on the left side of the GilaCat home page, ;  then click the “Withdrawn Books” link on the drop down menu.  Librarians can select items from this list between now and November 21 for items to add to their library's collection. 

The items listed on this web page are being offered to all New Mexico Libraries. Please send your selections by November 21.  The only charge to you will be the library rate postage. Copy your selections (include the information in all three columns) from the web page at , then paste them into an email which you can send the Technical Services Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please include your address and telephone number in your email. In the case of more than one request for any item, Western will prioritize requests based on the time and date of the email requests. If you do not have access to email, please telephone Theresa Strottman after October 14 at (575) 538-6355 or Katherine Aguirre at (575) 538-6350.  Mailings will go by library rate and recipients will be sent an invoice for reimbursement of postage. 


Come celebrate.  The Woolworth Community Library is celebrating 30 years of service to the community and schools in Jal on Friday, October 31.  Everyone is invited to help commemorate this memorable event by joining the celebration at the Library.  Recognition of guests and speakers will begin at 9 a.m. in the Library auditorium, but the Library will be open from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. for regular business and to receive visitors.  The Library is located at the corner of 3rd and Utah Streets at 100 E Utah. 

The Woolworth Community Library is a combination public/school library and is located in the heart of Jal directly across the street from the Jal Junior High and Jal High School. It offers facilities for public use free of charge which includes an auditorium, a meeting room with kitchen facilities, and a classroom. Other unique features in the library include a children’s room specifically dedicated for library programs, a Woolworth Memorial Room, and permanent display of memorabilia from golfing legend and native Jalite, Kathy Whitworth. 

The Woolworth Community Library was made possible through a generous endowment from May and Elizabeth Woolworth that built and continues to support the library’s operation. The Woolworth sisters became interested in the Jal area after their brother and sister, Clyde and Martha Woolworth, homesteaded just north of Jal in 1915. They came immediately after and purchased land and cattle, but the discovery of petroleum in the 1920s provided the greatest amount of income for the family. The family’s background in public education (all of the sisters and their mother were educators) and their commitment to this area inspired their vision for a library that would support the need for informational and recreational reading in Jal, NM.


Open house.  Estancia Public Library is celebrating 100 years of service to the town of Estancia and the surrounding area with an open house on Sunday, October 26, from 2 – 4 p.m.  Everyone is invited. 



Send job announcements to the  HH editor, Robert Upton, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . There is no charge for this service to the library community. 

Federal depository librarian.  The New Mexico State Library in Santa Fe seeks experienced applicants for the position of Federal Documents Librarian. Primary responsibilities include reference service, collection development, training, and supervision of collection management activities.  The position involves participation in the Library's digital archive and federal web-based initiatives and the ability to monitor and adapt to changes in the dissemination of federal information. The job requires a strong knowledge of federal research tools, good patron-relations skills, and a willingness to respond to research requests with thoroughness. Excellent presentation and communication skills are essential. Incumbent will be expected to work independently, set goals and priorities for the program, supervise one paraprofessional, and work productively with other staff.  The position requires a Master’s degree in Library/Information Science from an ALA accredited program. Also required is a minimum of four years post-masters experience, and a minimum of two years experience in a federal depository library. Significant paraprofessional or other pre-MLS experience will be considered as part of the experience requirement.  This is a full-time position;  salary at midpoint is $47,299 in a range of $34,050 minimum to $69,528 maximum.  Offered salary is determined based on education and experience qualifications.  Deadline for application is October 20.  You must submit your application and resume to the New Mexico State Personnel Office (see online.  To find the posting on the State Personnel Job Site, locate “Browse and apply for state government jobs” and use the “click here” button.  Once you are in the Job Search Section, type the word “Library” and press “Search.”  The job will be titled LIBRARIAN-ADVANCED-CULTURAL AFFAIRS.  Make certain that you have found Job ID: 17576 posted on September 22, 2008.  Once you have submitted your online application, please email Laurie Canepa: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm.   Questions are welcome. 


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