Development Bureau Webinars

Webinars hosted by the Library Development Bureau of the New Mexico State Library. Click each individual title to access content.

Board Training Manual
Module 1: Appointing New Board Members (coming soon)
Module 2: Board Responsibilities (coming soon)
Module 3: Orienting New Board Members (coming soon)
Module 4: Public Library Laws and Legal Issues (coming soon)
Module 5: Bylaws (coming soon)
Module 6: Board Meetings (coming soon)
Module 7: Roles of the Board and Library Director (coming soon)
Module 8: Planning (coming soon)
Module 9: Policies
Module 10: Budgets and Funding
Plans & Policies
Community Analysis & Needs Assessment
     - PowerPoint slides
Collection Development
     - PowerPoint slides
Strategic Plan
     - PowerPoint slides
Annual Report
Sections A-E
Sections F-I
Sections J-N
Summary and Q & A
Revision of 4.5.2 NMAC (coming soon)
     - PowerPoint slides
4.5.2 NMAC with highlights
Dynamic Social Media for Public Libraries
     - PowerPoint slides

Lead Prevention Programs in Your Library

Interlibrary Loan for Public Libraries