2010 GO Bonds for Public and Tribal Public Libraries

SB 1, the "2010 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act" was approved by the 2010 Legislature (2010 2nd Special Session) and approved by the voters in the 2010 General Election and is included in the Laws of New Mexico, 2010, 2nd Special Session, Chapter 3, Section 10(B)(1).  

Language from the law:

Section 10. PROJECTS.--The proceeds from the sale of bonds issued under the provisions of the 2010 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act shall be distributed as follows for the purposes and in the amounts
B. for library acquisitions and capital improvements at public libraries, public school libraries, academic libraries and tribal libraries statewide:
(1) to the cultural affairs department:
(a) two million dollars ($2,000,000) to acquire library books, equipment and library resources for public libraries statewide; and
(b) one million dollars ($1,000,000)for supplemental library resource acquisitions, including books and equipment and planning, designing and constructing capital improvements, at library facilities for tribal libraries statewide;


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There is an additional requirement to submit reports.  All libraries are required to submit periodic reports as well as a Final Report.

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