Electronic Discussion Lists for Librarians

Electronic discussion lists enable virtual conversations to take place. They allow you to communicate and share information with large groups of librarians with in New Mexico, across the nation, and around the world. When you join, you receive emails from people who have posted to the list and you have the ability to post emails to the list that are received by all of the members. Below you will find a collection of lists that are relevant to libraries. To join, click on the link provided and follow the directions for subscription.

Local Lists | Nationwide/Worldwide Lists

Local Lists

Native American Libraries Special Interest Group in New Mexico - NALSIG

NEW MEXICO LIBRARIANS -  The New Mexico State Library sponsors several electronic discussion lists. The primary purpose of these lists is to disseminate information about the State Library's projects and programs. New Mexico librarians and staff are encouraged to subscribe to one or more of the lists described below. Communication between the state library and other library institutions throughout the state is extremely important, and use of these discussion lists helps to facilitate communication and discussion of topics important to New Mexico's library community.

Current New Mexico State Library Electronic Discussion Lists:

NMPUBLIB: Focused discussion list for New Mexico public libraries [Subscribe]
NMGOVDOCS: Focused discussion list for New Mexico libraries interested in the Federal and State government documents programs. [Subscribe]
NMYTHSERV: Focused discussion list for New Mexico libraries interested in youth services [Subscribe]  

New Mexico Library Association

Nationwide/Worldwide Listservs

Acquisitions Librarians – AcqNet

Cataloging – AUTOCAT

Children’s and Youth Services Librarians – Pubyac

Children’s literature - CCBC-Net

Children’s Literature - Child_Lit

Circulation Issues - CIRCPLUS

Fiction Advisory – Fiction_L

Government Documents – GOVDOC-L

Library Job Postings on the Internet

Public Librarians – PUBLIB

Public Libraries and the Internet - PUBLIB-NET

Reference Librarians - Project Wombat

School Librarians & Media Specialists

Systems Librarians –SysLib

The SYSLIB-L list serves as a vehicle for the discussion of topics related
to systems librarianship and for the collection of information related to
systems librarianship. Postings may include, but are not limited to, job
postings, technical questions, philosophical discussions, and education.


Other library-related listservs

 For a listing of library listservs, click here .