El Día de los Libros


El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children's Day/Book Day), known as Día, is an everyday celebration of children, families, and reading that culminates every year on April 30. It emphasizes the importance of advocating literacy for children of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Día is an enhancement of Children’s Day, which began in 1925. Children’s Day was designated as a day to bring attention to the importance and well-being of children. In 1996, acclaimed children’s book author and New Mexico native Pat Mora proposed linking the celebration of children with literacy to found Día.

How can my library celebrate Día?

Día programs can range from a single story time to a citywide celebration. Be sure to start any Día program by talking about Día and why it matters.
Here are just a few programming ideas (see the list of Día resources below for many more):

Día resources for more info and lots of program and promotion ideas:

Día Videos to Share