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Shipment for September


Memo to State Publication Program Libraries


September 18, 2009


Greetings depositories!

Remember the Annual State Documents Meeting is scheduled for Friday November 6th! 

Please register online from the State Library’s main page ( )- scroll under Upcoming Events or go directly to

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 The publication New Mexico Business Current Economic Report has made some changes.  About a year ago they went from paper to electronic, and now there are restrictions to access of this document and we are unable to link the PDF version to our catalog as we normally do with other electronic documents.  Until we find a way to give the depository libraries limited access to the digital versions of this document, you will not be seeing this document in your shipments. 


The State Public Lands Annual Report is worth a look!  Other then being packed with great pictures there is information about different educational programs, environmental programs, oil and renewable energy and information on various New Mexico schools.


Interested in natural resources?  Check out Water, Natural Resources, and the Urban Landscape; the Albuquerque Region from the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources.  This is a great document which includes a historical look at urban land use.  




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