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October memo

Memo to State Publication Program Libraries

October 20, 2008

Greetings Depositories!
Don’t forget to register for the annual meeting on November 6th! You can register online through the State Library website Look under Upcoming Events on the right side of the screen and scroll down until you get to the link for the annual meeting. If you don’t have the budget to travel please consider joining us online- call or email us for details on how join the webinar!
Here is what the agenda is looking like:
9:00 Meet and greet
9:30 Introductions
9:40 Susan Oberlander
10:00 Digital collection update 30 min
10:30 15 min break
10:45 Using State Websites 1.5 hours
Lunch 11:30-1:00
1:00 Waters Database 45 min-1 hour
2:30 About the State Engineer’s Library .5 hour
3:00 15 min break
3:15 Rule Changes- where are we? 15 min
3:30 About the Supreme Court Law Library ½ hour
4:15 closing
In this Shipment :
Check out the brochures from the Commission on the Status of Women- you patrons may find them useful.