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Raton, Our Last Site Visit

Monica and I had the pleasure of making our last site visit to the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library in Raton. At first glance you can tell that this library is something special. The current building was once the post office and has some beautiful stonework over the entrance and some fun Halloween decorations inside (seasonal of course). When you walk in you automatically feel that this is a building seeped in history. It almost feels like you are walking into a cozy home, if it were not for the books. They have done a wonderful job of utilizing the space, including a recent renovation which created more room on the second floor for mystery and books of supernatural adventure. That section has had a lot of use according to librarianThayla Wright and I’m not surprised as there are some great authors on the shelf. They even have the new Terry Pratchett book ‘Nation’ as well!

Thayla Wright is in charge of the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library and is a great lady – and I’m not just writing that because we have similar taste in authors. This is a librarian who is working hard for her community, trying to get another building as an annex for meetings and performances, and has a library blog going.

Of course we had to ask about the library treasures, and we were not disappointed! This library has a fantastic art collection! The WPA art is inside and outside of the library. The building was built during the New Deal, and inside there are WPA paintings, and works by other well known artists. Works include a painting by Chiricahua Apache artist, Allan Houser, Brent Phillips, Charles Berninghaus and many others. They have a fantastic DVD you can buy with images of the artwork.

If you have a chance drop by the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library!

Arthur Johnson Memorial Library
244 Cook Avenue
Raton, NM 87740