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Librarians' Toolkit

The Librarians' Toolkit brings together resources that can inform your approach to everyday management tasks. Best practices form the basic "tools" in this kit, and include information about planning, policies, job descriptions, ethics, professional organizations and networking -- and more!

  1. Advocacy for Libraries -- telling your story to media, elected officials and funders
  2. Acronyms and Abbreviations for Libraries
  3. American Indian Library Association
  4. Annual Report & State Grants-in-Aid Application for New Mexico Public Libraries
  5. Basic Reference Resources
  6. Books by Mail
  7. Census - Data Profiles - American Community Survey
  8. Consulting Services
  9. Continuing Education
  10. Copyright for Libraries
  11. Core Competencies
  12. Directory of New Mexico Libraries
  13. Electronic Discussion Lists for Librarians
  14. E-Rate
  15. Ethical Responsibilities
  16. Funding for Libraries
  17. GO Bonds
  18. Hitchhiker Blog / Hitchhiker Archives
  19. Institute of Library and Information Services (IMLS)
  20. Interlibrary Loan
  21. Interviewing Suggestions
  22. Library Foundations Guide
  23. Library Laws of New Mexico
  24. Library Bill of Rights
  25. Library Board Fundamentals
  26. Library Calculator -- Value of the Library
  27. Library Construction and Renovation Projects
  28. Library for the Blind & Print Disabled (LBPD)
  29. Library Job Descriptions
  30. New Mexico Administrative Codes (NMAC) -- 4.5.2 NMAC / 4.5.8 NMAC / 4.5.9 NMAC
  31. NewsBank
  32. Patron Privacy
  33. Photos -- Using Photos Taken at Your Library
  34. Plans and Policies
  35. Professional Organizations
  36. Programs and Services for New Mexico Libraries
  37. Public Library Director 101 Series
  38. Public Performance Rights for Films
  39. Questionnaires & Surveys
  40. Research Assistance
  41. Small & Rural Libraries -- Resources
  42. State Grants-in-Aid
  43. State Approved Vendors
  44. USA Patriot Act in the Library
  45. Youth Services

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