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Subject Guide to Government Resources for New Mexico

This guide includes links to reputable state, federal, and other government related websites with reliable New Mexico information.

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Administrative Code
New Mexico Statutes 32A-5 1-45
Adoption – Native American
NM Statutes 32A-5-4 Application of the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, 32A-5-5 Indian child placement
Advance Health Care Directive - see Wills
US Department of Agriculture Vegscape a vegetation condition explorer
US Department of Agriculture Cropscape a cropland data map
US Department of Agriculture New Mexico Soil Surveys
Agricultural leasing (state lands)
NM State Land Office

Air Quality
New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau
Apache Nation
Consumer Debt Workshops State Bar of New Mexico
SAMHSA Behavioral Treatment   (Federal)

Birth Certificates
Vital Records - Birth Certificates
Blue Book
NM Secretary of State - Blue Book
Brands (cattle)
New Mexico Brand Search

Brands (business) - see Trademarks

NM Broadband map
New Mexico Department of Health
Office of General Counsel
1190 St. Francis Dr.
Harold Runnels Bldg.
Santa Fe, N.M. 87502
(505) 827-2997
Pre-need Funeral Statutes:
Life and Health Division
Department of Insurance
(505) 827-4595
 NMSA 24-14-23. Permits; authorization for final disposition.
B. A burial-transit permit shall be issued by the state registrar or a local registrar for those bodies which are to be transported out of the state for final disposition or when final disposition is being made by a person other than a funeral service practitioner or direct disposer.

NM Statute 30-12-14. Unlawful burial. (1963) 24-14-20. Death registration.
Death Certificate: Vital records
Funeral Home Regulations - Board of Funeral Services (New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department)
Burn Permits
New Mexico Environment Department -Open Burning
(by county)

RGIS the repository for New Mexico digital, geospatial data
Historical census information/collection at the New Mexico State Library
Census Information Online

New Mexico Attorney General-Consumer protection: Charities
Child care
Children Youth & Families Department: NM Kids
Administration for Children and Families (Federal)
Child custody
Child Custody and Support American Bar Association
NM Second Judicial District Court
Computer Literacy - see Digital Literacy
Concealed Handgun
New Mexico Statutes Annotated 29-19-1 to 14  ARTICLE 19 Concealed Handgun Carry
Concealed Carry (NM Department of Public Safety)
NM Handgun Laws
Consumer Complaints

Consumer information
NM Attorney General

With the State of New Mexico -
State Purchasing Division
 For a map of counties see maps


Juvenile Justice Services NM Children Youth and Families Department
Adult Prisons Division  NM Corrections Department
Uniform Crime Reports NM Department of Public Safety
Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics
Criminal History
Background Check NM Department of Public Safety
DATA.GOV (Federal)
DataONE (multi-state and Federal)
Ag Data Commons National Agricultural Library
Environmental Data Set Gateway US Environmental Protection Agency
GEOSS (international) Federal Geographic Data Committee
Socio Economic Data and Applications (SEDAC) National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Day care
Children Youth and Families Department
New Mexico Kids

US Department of Health and Human Services: Office of Child Care

Death Certificate (See Records, Death)
Digital Literacy/Computer Literacy
LINCS Department of Education

Divorce (“dissolution of marriage”)
Divorce and Legal Separation in New Mexico
New Mexico Courts
New Mexico Statutes - Chapter 40, Article 4 Dissolution of Marriage 40-4-1 to 20

Document certification
Notarization Notary Division
  NM Secretary of State
Apostille for foreign countries NM Secretary of State
Domestic Violence
US Department of Justice - Office on Violence Against Women
New Mexico Statutes 66-8-102 to 66-8-111 Criminal, 66-7-506.1 DWI prevention and education program; organ donation
Lesson Plans/Educational Materials
Wildlife Curriculum - NM Game and Fish
Educational Resources - NM Museum of Natural History and Science
Statistics in Schools - US Census Bureau
Elder Abuse
Medicaid Fraud - NM Attorney General
Endangered Species
Endangered Species List
New Mexico Conservation - NM Game and Fish
NM EPSCOR Sustainable Energy Development

Alternative energy

NM Renewable Energy (Biomass, Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Storage)

NM Energy Star

EJSCREEN Environmental Justice Mapping Tool
EnviroAtlas (Environmental Protection Agency)
Natural Resources and Environment (US Department of Agriculture)
Socio Economic Data and Applications (SEDAC) National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Financial Literacy
My Money
- US Financial Literacy and Education Commission
- Federal Citizen Information Center
Bureau of Public Debt - US Treasury
Fire management
Fire marshal
Fish & Game
Food safety
New Mexico Environment Department Food Program
Federal Food Safety
Food Safety US Department of Agriculture
Food, sale of
New Mexico Environment Department Food Program

Food, assistance
National Forest Service Librart
US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
US Department of the Interior - Bureau of Land Management
US Forest Service - Tree Search
Foster care
Insurance NM Superintendent of Insurance
Internet Crime Complaint Center Federal Bureau of Investigation
Scams and Fraud NM Attorney General

Game & Fish
NM Game and Fish


Government, New Mexico
Government Spending
Government, Federal

Grandparents rights
Grants/Grant Writing
Economic Research Insitute (990s, executive salaries)
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Gray Water
Liquid Waste (Septic Tank) Program Gray Water Information  NM Environment Department
Gray Water Guide  NM Environment Department
Gray Water Guide Office of the State Engineer
Rangeland and Grazing Issues NM Department of Agriculture
New Mexico Statutes
19-7-28 Grazing and agricultural leases; reservation of mineral deposits, products and easements.
19-7-29 Grazing leases; rental rates; annual rental; appraisal of land.
19-7-30 Grazing or agricultural leases; maximum term; method of payment.
19-7-31 Power of commissioner to reject grazing lease application by a previous lessee when land is located within Taylor grazing allotment of another.
19-7-32 Open and unleased land within Taylor grazing allotment of another.
19-7-35 Cancellation or forfeiture of agricultural or grazing leases restricted; sale of leased land.
19-7-37 Assignment of grazing or agricultural lease or purchase contract as collateral; approval of commissioner; effect.
19-7-46 Satisfaction of debt for which assignment of grazing or agricultural lease or purchase contracts given as security; filing of release.
19-7-49 New grazing lease; time for filing application; prior lessee preferred.
19-7-51 Improvement on grazing or agricultural lease; restrictions.
Gross Receipts
Gross Receipts Taxes NM Taxation and Revenue
Adults NM Courts
Guardianship Program NM Developmental Disabilities
New Mexico Statutes - Concealed Carry 21-19-1 to 14; Weapons and Explosives 30-7-1 to 30-7-22
Concealed Carry Handgun  NM Department of Public Safety
Hazardous Waste
Environmental Management US Office of Environmental Management

For Women US Food and Drug Administration

Help (See Who can help)

New Mexico Roads  (conditions) Department of Transportation
National Traffic and Road Closure Information (links to all other states)
Chronicling America - NM Page digitized newspapers from 1881 to the 1950's
Moments in Time short videos
PARES Portal de Archivos Españoles
New Mexico Humanities Council / Atlas of Historic Maps
New Mexican Coalition to End Homelessness

HUD Find Shelter US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Project CHALENG US Veterans Affairs
For shelters see Who Can Help
Homeowners Associations
NM Administrative Code, taxation of 3.2.108
Manufactured housing: Homeowners NM Regulation and Licensing Department
HUD US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Identity Theft
NM Attorney General Identity Theft
Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft
Income taxes
IRS (Internal Revenue Service)
Indian Affairs
NM Indian Affairs Department

Low-cost Health
New Mexico Medicaid
Motor vehicle
NM Administrative Code Title 13 insurance, Chapter 12 Motor Vehicle Isurance, Part 4 Automobile Self-Insurance
Interstate Stream Commission
State Personnel Office- Jobs

Vocational Rehabilitation
Worker Eligibility
E-Verify is a web-based system that allows enrolled employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States
E-Verify un sistema basado en el web que permite a los empleadores inscritos confirmar la elegibilidad de sus empleados para trabajar en los Estados Unidos
Judiciary (see Courts)
Juvenile Justice
Juvenile Justice Services NM Children, Youth and Families Department
NM Statutes - Children’s Code 32a-1-1 to 32a-23-8
Jury Duty
Jury Services NM Courts
Kids’ Pages
NM Oil Conservation Division - Oil & Gas
US Energy Information Administration  - Energy Kids
New Mexico Environment Department - Air Quality Kids' Page
US Environmental Protection Agency - Learning and Teaching About the Environment
US Forest Service Kids
National Agricultural Library - Educational Resources
Desert Blooms - New Mexico State University
Nature Watch
Find a Species
(information on NM wildlife)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Page for fun science stuff!

Health/ Science
Kids Quest- Centers for Disease Control
Science Pirates - New Mexico State University
Math Snacks - New Mexico State University
Rabies and Kids - Centers for Disease Control
BAM! Body and Mind - Centers for Disease Control

New Mexico Secretary of State Kid's Corner
America's Story - Library of Congress

NM Department of Agriculture Kids Corner


Spanish Proverbs and Sayings With Their English Equivalents
Mexican Sayings


New Mexico Statutes
Legal Aid
NM Legal Aid
Legal Resources for the Elderly  NM Aging and Long Term Services Department
Legal Services NM Aging and Long Term Services Department
Law Help NM
NM Legislature
Animal Sheltering
Hoisting Program
Livestock Board

NM Fencing laws Statutes 77-16-1 to 18
Animals US Department of Agriculture

Living Will - see Wills

LLCs (Limited Liability Companies)
NM Domestic LLC (instructions, forms) NM Secretary of State - Corporations Division
Foreign LLC (instructions, forms) NM Secretary of State - Corporations Division
Long-term Care
National Map (US Geological Survey)

Historic Maps
New Mexico's Digital Collections - University of New Mexico
New Mexico Humanities Council / Atlas of Historic Maps
New Mexico Statutes
40-1-1 to 4-1-20 ARTICLE 1 Marriage in General
40-4-1 to 40-4-20 ARTICLE 4 Dissolution of Marriage
Centennial Care  New Mexico Human Services Department
Mental Health Services
Mines & Minerals
NM Mining and Minerals Division - Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department
Mining Claims Bureau of Land Managment (Federal)
NM Administrative Code - Title 19 Natural Resource and Wildlife, Chapter 7 Mining General Provisions
Missing Persons
NM Driver's License Manual - English & Spanish

Name change
NM Courts
Navajo Nation
Chronicling America - New Mexico Page
UNM Digital Collection - NM Historical Newspapers
Domestic Nonprofit Corporation NM Secretary of State
Foreign Nonprofit Corporation NM Secretary of State
Information for Nonprofits NM Tax & Revenue Department
Notary Division NM Secretary of State
Nursing homes
(see Aging)
Oil & Gas

Parks, State

Parks Federal
Partnership NM Secretary of State
Partnership Search NM Secretary of State
Patents & Trademarks
Per diem
See NM Administrative Code - Travel and Per Diem
US General Services Administration Per Diem
New Mexico Department of Agriculture
Weights and Measures NM Department of Agriculture
Pipeline Safety Bureau NM Public Regulation Commission
Power, electric
State Electricity Profiles US Energy Information Administration
Electric Power Markets Southwest Federal Energy Regulation Commission
NM Sentencing Commission
NM Corrections Statistics - National Institute of Corrections
Probate (See Wills and Probate)
Property taxes
Santa Fe County Tax Assessor
Property Tax Division NM Taxation and Revenue Department

Quit Claim

NM Statutes 47-1 Property Laws - Conveyance
NM Radiation Control Bureau
NM Statutes 74-3 Radiation Control
NM Brands Livestock Board
see also Livestock
Real estate
Birth certificate
NM Vital Records

Criminal History Records -  NM Department of Public Safety or State Patrol
Court Case
Death certificate
NM Vital Records

Divorce - see NM Courts Case Look-Up
Marriage - see County Clerks
Property – see County Clerks
Registration (vehicle)
Renewable Energy
see Energy - Alternative

Restaurant inspections  NM Environment Department, Food Programs

Rivers (see also water)
Rivers and Streams Environmental Protection Agency


Sales Tax
Very Large Array  National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Sexual Abuse
State Fair
NM State Fair

State Parks
see Parks, State

State Vendors
Laser -Workforce Solutions Labor Market Information
New Mexico State Statutes

Temporary Assistance
Assistance NM Human Services Department
see Income Taxes for forms
Teach NM
Teen Family Planning
NM Department of Health
Telecommunications NM Public Regulation Commission
New Mexico True NM Tourism Department
Travel Information NM Department of Transportation

Trucking Information NM Department of Transportation


Unclaimed property
NM Taxation and Revenue - Unclaimed Property
Unemployment Benefits  NM Department of Workforce Solutions
Unemployment Insurance NM Department of Workforce Solutions
Uniform Commercial Code
Uniform Commercial Code US Small Business Administration
UCC NM Secretary of State
Utility Division  NM Public Regulation Commission
Vendors, State
see State Vendors

Veteran’s Services
Victim’s Rights
NM Statutes - Chapter 31 Article 26 Victims of Crime
Violence Against Women
Office on Violence Against Women US Department of Justice
Violence Against Women Act 2005 Federal
Tribal Justice and Safety in Indian Country
US Department of Justice

NM Children Youth and Families Dpartment Home Visiting
NM Bureau of Elections Secretary of State

Waste Management
NM Environment Department Waste Management
Southwest Watershed Research US Department of Agriculture
Drinking Water Bureau NM Environment Department
Well Drillers NM Office of the State Engineer

Acequias  NM Office of the State Engineer

Water Rights Database NM Office of the State Engineer
Legal Department NM Office of the State Engineer
Groundwater Quality Bureau NM Environment Department
Water Quality Information Center US Department of Agriculture
Surface Waters (including watersheds)
Surface Water Quality Bureau NM Environment Department
Welfare – Income Support 
Income Support NM Department of Human Services
Find a Species (information on NM wildlife)
National Wildlife Research Center

Wills & Probate
Bernillio Court of Wills, Estates & Probate
information and forms
NM Statutes - Form of Statutory Will 45-2A-17
Probate, Wills and Estate Planning University of New Mexico Law Library
Who can help Quién puede ayudar
Looking for Assistance NM Human Services Department
Social Services Resource Directory
Back In Use  equipment assistance for people with disabilities
Women Infants & Children Program  NM Department of Health
Workers' Compensation US Department of Labor
Workplace Safety
Occupational Health & Safety Bureau NM Environment Department
WCA Safety Program NM Workers' Compensation Administration