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June 13, 2017

Analysis: Tax overhaul would slash revenue -- Albuquerque Journal

A new analysis of a proposal to reshape New Mexico’s tax code suggests bill – as written – would have cost the state $30 million to $44 million in basic operating revenue next year.

But a few wording fixes could have brought the proposal much closer to breaking even, with just $3 million to $16 million in lost revenue, according to a new legislative report. -- 6/13/2017


Zinke Recommends Reducing Bears Ears National Monument -- Outside Magazine

On Monday, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke recommended that President Trump reduce the size of the controversial Bears Ears National Monument in southeast Utah, which Barack Obama created in December during the final days of his presidency. If Trump acts on the recommendation, the move to reduce the monument will almost certainly end up in court.

According to a memorandum released June 12, Secretary Zinke’s review “shows that rather than designating an area encompassing almost 1.5 million acres as a national monument, it would have been more appropriate to identify and separate the areas that have significant objects to be protected to meet the purposes of the Act, including that the area reserved be limited to the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects.” -- 6/13/2017